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Building skills to lead

ocial change

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How we “do development” has to change in order to realise the fairer and more equitable world we believe is possible. 

Those promoting social change need exceptional soft skills to remain resilient, passionate, innovative and effective. 

We support leaders and their teams working in the humanitarian and development space. We enhance the skills necessary to transform how they work by providing coaching, training and facilitation services

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Our community is broader than aid. It's broader than donors. It's all about organisations delivering change, producing real solutions to real problems that have real impact. It's about building trust, empowering people and promoting sustainability.

Doing Development Differently, ODI, 2016


What we do

We use a combination of approaches, including:

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1:1 coaching

We provide 1:1 coaching, including conducting and providing support on 360 and psychometric profiles.

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Team facilitation

We support the practice of teamwork by moderating certain team processes, enabling the team to work and learn together. 

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Partnership brokering

We support organisations to develop and sustain effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.  

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Team coaching

We provide coaching to the team as a collective entity, paying attention to the wider system in which the team operates. 

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Competency training

We support teams and organisations through the provision of specific skills training.  

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Building a coaching culture

We help build an organisational coaching culture, including setting up peer to peer coaching as a method of co-worker support.  

We approach each client and their system as unique, and therefore operate in a bespoke way as standard. Our work aims to support leaders and their teams to develop generative ways of working so they function at more than the sum of their parts.


In general, our process follows a four-phase process:

1. Scoping

Working in close collaboration with the client, we will assess the context and the needs of the individual, team or organisation in order to identify appropriate interventions to improve effectiveness.

2. Inception

The inception phase kicks off the wider engagement with the team or organisation, to feedback findings from the scoping phase and to co-create a process of building and sustaining effectiveness over time.

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4. Review and Evaluation

Building awareness is an important step to sustaining change. Reviewing and evaluating the process in order to draw out the core learning is therefore essential.

3. Process

This phase is designed to support new practices and processes to foster and advance team and individual effectiveness.

Who we are

Copperfinch was founded by Sarah-Jane Marriott, Rachel Alvarez-Reyes and Jo Kemp.  Between us we have extensive and varied experience of working in international development, as well as in leadership and team development.

We understand the passion and drive to help make the world a better place and the energy one can derive from being part of the bigger picture to make this happen.

We also have personal insight into the frustration and disillusionment that can come from working in a sector that does not always function at its best.

We believe that lasting change comes when the vision and solutions are identified and owned by the 'client'.

Everything we do is about supporting our clients to build and sustain the skills necessary to listen to themselves and others in a way that brings about meaningful and lasting change. 

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What we think


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